Erotic Romance Terms

Finding good erotic romance books on the internet is a daunting task. More often than not, you don’t really have a good idea what you are getting when you decide to buy. If you are a newbie to the industry, several abbreviations could throw you for a loop.

I suggest you learn your way around the myriad of names and abbreviations before you buy. A few that threw me for a loop at first:-

BDSM – according to Wikipedia this acronym combines, bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism in several combinations or alone between two or more consenting adults.

B&D or B/D or BD – Bondage and discipline

D&S or D/S or DS – Dominance and submission

S&M or S/M or SM -  Sadism and masochism

A book containing both dominance and submission as well as a ménage is :


MENAGE – in erotica it holds the meaning of a threesome

Next time we’ll explore more acronyms on this subject.


  1. Hi Ylette!

    I need an erotic romance dictionary just to keep track! :)

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