Accounting for Lust Available from Smashwords, Kobo and Barnes and Noble

For the past couple of months, the erotic romance Accounting for Lust was available only from the Amazon sites globally. Now, however, I'm pleased to say it is also available on Smashwords, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. With widening choices in the format of download I hope that more people will be able to access the book.
You could also earn 15% of the list price at should you wish to promote the book.

Here's a little snippet of what you can expect:

Outside, dusk had fallen and very little daylight was left.
“You’re ready to go?”
Cassie nodded. “Let me just collect my things.”
She closed the computer and grabbed the drives. She’d already stuck her hand into her bra when her eyes caught Jake’s. His pupils dilated and the fire in them scorched her to her toes. Involuntarily her eyes dropped to his pants. Yep, she excited him.
Her body reacted to the signals in his and she scoffed herself. How could she think of sex at a time like this? After seeing those horrid photos of her father? After realizing she might have a killer on the board. And that she might be his next victim. It wasn’t normal. Was it? What was wrong with her?
Jake cleared his throat and took a step towards her. The air grew thick between them. His hands clenched and unclenched at his sides and the muscle in his jaw worked overtime. “We don’t have time for this.”
It sounded if he needed convincing more than she did. Hell, she didn’t want to leave. She wanted him hot and naked and out of control. Images of her sprawling on the desk with his hands and mouth all over her, tightened her nipples in anticipation. Wetness flooded her pussy.
“We should get going.” His voice was hoarse with want and it fuelled the fire in her veins.
With her eyes capturing his, holding the gaze, she lifted her buttocks onto the edge of the desk, lifting her feet slightly off the floor. She ignored the slight tremor in her hands as she started to undo the knot of the t-shirt at her nape. Desire rocked through her as his eyes darkened some more. He ran his tongue over his lips and Cassie stifled a groan. No man had the right to be so gorgeous. So deliciously male.  
Before she could slip the bands of the top from her shoulders, he closed the distance between them. Cupping her face in his hands, he captured her lips in a kiss that seared her to her toes. She dragged him closer. He tugged at the bands of the t-shirt while his mouth trailed a path of fire from her neck to the top of her breasts.
Cassie wanted him closer, much closer. Jake quickly dispersed of her top and bra and lifted one breast to his lips. She hung onto his shoulders where the hard muscles rippled. Sucking on her already engorged nipple, he lowered her to the desk. His weight pinned her to the cold smooth surface before he slowly unbuttoned her jeans and took them off. Cold air brushed over her naked thighs, heightening the pleasure of his hands drifting over her legs.
They didn’t have time for this. She wanted him now. Inside her. Filling her. Cassie reached for the top of his jeans.
“Greedy are we?” His soft chuckle filled the room, caressing her senses. He ripped off the shirt, dropped the holster next to her on the table and shrugged out of his jeans. His erection sprang free and Cassie writhed on the desk. Her pussy already flooded with hot moisture, waiting for him. Ready for him.
He tugged her hips towards him, pulling her ass to the edge of the desk. He spread her legs wide, opening her up to his gaze, to his touch. His thumb found her clit and she rocked against his hand as he stroked and pinched. Parting the swollen lips, he laved them with his tongue, drinking from the moist opening. He replaced his thumb with his tongue and slipped a finger inside her pussy.
She writhed against his hand. Begging for more. Jake obliged by stretching her further with two fingers and then three. Turning and wriggling them until she could stand it no more.
“No. I want you inside. I need . . .”
Jake didn’t wait for her to finish before she heard the tear of foil and he shoved his cock inside her. His balls caressed her ass. He filled her, stretched her to capacity and then some more. Slowly he started to move, the muscles in his neck straining. She met him stroke for stroke until the pressure became too intense to be satisfied with his slow rhythm. Wriggling her hips, he inhaled sharply. And pounded into her.
“Let go, babe. Come with me.”
His words acted like kerosene to an open flame. She dug her nails into his thighs, dragging him even closer. In the corner of her eye, her tits bounced in time with his rhythmic thrusts. Her back thudded against the wood and sweat beaded on his forehead. Relentlessly he drove his shaft into her pussy, moisture coating the friction, increasing the need. The want.
“God, you’re beautiful,” he growled as the muscles in his shoulders strained and he drove in deeper. Filling her to the brim before he collapsed on top of her and buried his face between her breasts.
Cassie ran her hands over his back, now slick with sweat. Popping up on his elbow, Jake stared into her eyes. Something shone there. Something different. She moved uncomfortably beneath him and he stood, gathering their clothes from the piles on the floor.
Suddenly shy, Cassie hastily pulled on her clothes and turned around as she shoved the flash drives into her bra again. They rode the elevator in silence, but raw lust crackled in the air. The bra chaffed against the sensitive peaks of her nipples and her pussy throbbed.
Damn it girl. Aren’t you satisfied yet? How can she still want more when she had just had the most satisfying sex? What more could she want? She had a man who, if wrapped in a red bow, would serve as any woman’s Christmas dream, ravishing her whenever she had the itch. The investigation progressed to the point where there were only eight suspects left and a friend who looked out for her safety by hiring a team of bodyguards. So why did she still feel so needy?

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