Brent's Law by Ylette Pearson Releases on 4 April 2014

Have you ever wondered how an older woman ends up with a much younger man? What set of circumstances and personality traits lends itself to the building of a relationship between two such people?
First of all, it takes a particularly strong man to entice an independent woman into a relationship that is against the accepted norms of society. International rugby player, Brent Russell knew he was such a man. Confident, self-assertive and according to the females clamouring for his attention, not too bad in the looks department. So he shouldn’t have a problem getting what he wanted, right?
Divorce attorney Samantha Owen almost proves him wrong. She shuns his advances and makes him wonder if maybe he had it wrong all along. The more he tries to override her protests, the more determined she becomes to resist the attraction lighting up the air around them. 
So Brent decides it is time to take some serious action to get the woman plaguing his dreams to succumb to his will … 
Brent’s Law releases on the 4th of April 2014, but you can grab an early download from the Totally Bound website.


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