Review: At Second Glance by Vicki Ballante

I had the honor of reviewing a debut novel by Vicki Ballante. This is a sweet, erotic romance (seems like a contradiction, but you have to read the story to understand) that touches the heart and well...other places. This releases on Friday the 5th of September 2014 and I urge you to grab a copy for yourself.

Here is the review I wrote for Goodreads. Maybe I could get Vicki to join us on the blog sometime in the near future.

At Second GlanceAt Second Glance by Vicki Ballante

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was given this book in return for an honest review and was pleasantly surprised by this debut erotic romance by author Vicky Ballante.

After a divorce, the inevitable post-mortem questions, doubts, anger and guilt usually follow. When enough time has passed, the parties usually decide to 'get back on the horse' and face their fears of repeating the mistakes which had lead to the disintegration of the marriage in the first place. This happens in most cases of divorce and it is something many people can relate to and the author made great use of exploiting these fears and insecurities.

Initially hiding behind the anonymity of a chatroom, the parties get to know each other a little better—after all it is easy to be honest when you don't think you'll ever meet the other party. When they finally meet, they come face to face with all the reasons why the marriage fell apart in the first place. Although the over-analyzing of these fears can sometimes seem repetitive, I found it realistic and believable in the context of the story.

The love scenes were super-hot because the characters remained honest in their self-doubts and needs. I found it refreshing that the emotions motivating the scenes were portrayed with such tenderness and understanding.

The story deserves the five starts I gave it, despite a couple of editing mistakes that couldn't distract from a beautiful story.

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