#1LineWed Favorites on Twitter 18 May 2016

During March this year, I discovered the theme #1linewed on Twitter. What a joy. It is fun to read everyone's tweets about the theme of the day and have your own creative juices spark by reading some amazing lines. So I've decided to post my favorite lines from every Wednesday.

Now I don't have time to stay on Twitter the whole day, so these lines are the ones that caught my eye while scrolling. Where I can, I'll explain what made them stand out to me. This is not limited to erotic or romantic tweets—in fact the ones I enjoyed more has a distinctly thriller-like feel to them.

This week's theme was hooks at the close/end of a chapter.

"This garden isn't some pansy-ass annual border with mari-fuckin-golds. This is war. We're at Defcon One. Got it?"

I had to smile at this one - Mr tough guy!

A satisfied smile brushed her lips. “My reputation,” she breathed, “can go hang!” Byron pulled the curtain closed.

Just think of the possibilities! 

Maybe he was just really bad at reading women. Or maybe he was a bad kisser. He sat up, fear consumed him. He was out of practice.

The fragile male ego had me smiling.

He spotted it then, a black point in the snow - the muzzle of the gun - aimed right at him.

As the plane disintegrated around him, Darren plummeted through a sky of smoky debris and fire.

Both these lines had me going: Oh Shit! If these were at the end of a chapter, there was no way I would put down the book at that time. These, I have to confess, were my favorites of the day when you take the theme into account.

Their words matched, voices synced as they begged. A tearing sound ended their nightmare duet. “Five,” she said to empty darkness.

This one had chills spider-crawling down my spine. I have to know what happened next.


Some things in life are simple, others are not. The severed hand that had found its way into my mailbox was definitely the later

  Chills anyone?

 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead.


  1. She forced her body limp and gave over to the invasion of death. Drowning may have been the easiest thing she d done all day.


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